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On October 10th the second edition of Blipz on the Radar will take place. A conference focused on new and upcoming trends, technologies and methodologies in IT.

Tickets are still available for only € 99, including dinner.
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WTF are Blipz?

LIVE experience about hot trends in data, cloud, security, software and CI/CD engineering in one conference in one day!

On Technology Radars, Blipz are new trends, hot technologies, frameworks, techniques or platforms currently being discussed in the Tech Community on various Technology Radars and meetups.

Blipz on the Radar is a conference that gives software engineers, data scientists, cloud & infra as code engineers, security officers, hackers or anyone passionate about technology a chance to get familiar with new and upcoming trends.


What's on the menu?

The conference will start after lunch at 13.00 pm. The reception is open at 12.15 pm.
We will kick off the conference with a Keynote to set the tone. Afterwards we will have 4 different tracks: Techniques, Tools, Platforms and Languages & Frameworks.
These tracks are similar to the quadrants on the Technology Radar as pioneered by Thoughtworks. After the conference we will wrap up with a dinner and a social activity.

We think you will certainly like our FULL MENU of tech talks and fun events that we have to offer today.

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This edition is going to take place at The Colour Kitchen in Zuilen, Utrecht. An awesome venue with a large auditorium, various break-out rooms and most important: great food!

Learn more about The Colour Kitchen and it's mission on the location page